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Special Research Seminar: Recent Developments in Multilevel Modelling

Mittwoch, 20.12.2017

Malcolm Fairbrother, 31.1., 11-12.30, Uni Graz

This seminar addresses recent developments in multilevel modelling. Fairbrother discusses questions such as modelling choices available to researchers using multilevel (including lon-gitudinal) data as well as key features, capabilities, and limitations of different modelling strategies. He will present insights derived from survey data but also from simulation stud-ies. The seminar consists of a talk and a Q&A session.

Malcolm Fairbrother (PhD Berkeley, USA) is one of the leading experts in multilevel analy-sis. He used to work for the Centre of Multilevel Studies (Bristol, UK) before he accepted a Professorship at Umea University, Sweden.


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